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36A. Holiness — Revelation 16:15 (Spotless garments, with the need of godly parenting and purity in youth)

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  speaker icon   2. Holiness — Revelation 16:15   (26:01)
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Selected Verses:

Revelation 16:15.  Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

Luke 12:37.  Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself, and make them to sit down to meat, and will come forth and serve them.


[Congregational singing and praise: Look to the Lamb of God]

(…) “Acknowledge the things that I’ve done for you.  I have actually begun a good work in you.  I have come and offered you My reign that where sin abounded, My grace should abound much more exceedingly, and I’m expecting that you children of Mine who have been so privileged and so enriched will follow on more swiftly.”

Now you may all speak with tongues, or you may all prophesy.  You may all praise the Lord, but let us all abandon ourselves to this wonderful Presence—the Holy Ghost.  He’ll fill your vessel if it isn’t filled.  He’ll change you if you need changing.  He’ll enlighten your understanding.  He’ll speak to your heart words of life.  He’ll make you what He wants you to be if you just give yourself—abandon yourself—in faith to Jesus.

[Praise and worship]

(…) “Does it seem to you like a long, drawn-out process, this way from the City of Destruction to the City of My God?  Have you gotten tired of the Way?  Is it too thorny, or is it too narrow, or is it too difficult to climb this mountain of the Lord?  Or have you gotten tired of Me?  That’s perhaps the thing that’s happened.  Because iniquity is abounding, the love of many is bound to wax cold…”

[Praise and worship: He’s Coming Soon]


This is a very interesting scripture.  It speaks of the coming of the devil and the coming of Jesus.  They come at the same time.  That is strange.  I know there are all kinds of interpretations of Revelation.  Some years ago, these three frogs were said to be Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.  But now, of course, we find out that they were not—neither of those three, so they must be some other three.

There have been thousands of fellows that claimed to be the two witnesses of Revelation.  One used to come to our meeting in the Faith Home in Zion.  He wore a skullcap, and he was a real problem.  He always ruined the meeting, but he was one of the witnesses too!  And of course, you know how that Dr. Evans in the Moody Bible Institute told us one time that 1,600 books had been written, each one explaining what happened in heaven during the half-hour of silence.  And so, you can have your choice!

Selected Quotes:

speaker icon This Battle of Armageddon has been pictured also as a nuclear war.  It isn’t anything like that.  The Battle of Armageddon is going on in a meeting like this, in a life like yours, in a home like yours.  And the decision that is made by this war between the contending armies is whether Jesus Christ shall have a heart prepared to reign with Him forever and ever.  That’s the great battle that is going on, and that’s the great battle that Satan is waging today against humanity.  The great call of Almighty God is to create “sons of God” upon this earth “without rebuke in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom they shine as lights in the world.”  That means they’re like Jesus.

If we say that we abide in Him, we ought also to walk even as He walked.”  And that’s the thing the devil hates.  He doesn’t mind your Democrats and your Republicans, and he doesn’t mind your Communists and your Nazis.  Those are his legions, and they do his bidding.

speaker icon He didn’t baptize us to make big-shots out of us.  He baptized us to make us “holy even as He is holy,” “pure even as He is pure.  Oh, what a wonderful, glorious call!  I wonder why we don’t fly into the arms of Jesus and make that purity and make that holiness ours.  He tells us we ought to “follow after holiness.”  He tells us that we ought to “cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.”  And the people that do that, they’re going to reign with Christ—they’re going to be ready when Jesus Christ comes.

speaker icon Beloved, let’s stop talking about the coming of the Lord unless we really prepare our hearts and keep our garments white and spotless.

speaker icon He’s given me a snow-white garment.  And if it hasn’t remained snow-white, He says, “Repent and do the first works.  Remember whence thou are fallen, and do the first works.  Get back to the cleansing of the blood, and be sure you’re clean, and be sure you’re spotless.”  Jesus’ blood has never lost its power.  And the reason we’re not more filled with the Holy Ghost is because we grieve Him.  Our fleshly thoughts, our careless words drive away the Holy Ghost.  And God wants a people who know that they’re in the midst of this terrible war.  I said some of the greatest wars in the universe are fought over a church like this, over a home like yours.  That’s where the decision is made whether Jesus Christ shall have one soul.

speaker icon Beloved, He comes “as a thief in the night.”  And sometimes, you can hear His footfall, you can hear His whisper.  He says, “Come away, my sister.  Come on, come on.  My head is filled with dew, My locks with the drops of the night.  They’ve chased Me out of every temple, out of every church.  They’ve chased Me out of their organizations.  They don’t want Me.  They don’t.  Come away, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled.”  I like that word: “My undefiled.”  Undefiled.  Beloved, Jesus offers to keep us undefiled for His coming.


A viewing of the northern lights resulting in conviction.  “‘Oh, I stole two cents down in the grocery store.  I’ve got to run and give it back to the grocery man!’”    (from 7:06)

An example of godly parenting.  “‘You’ve got to make them acceptable to this age.’  She said, ‘I’m not training my girls for this age, I’m training them for eternity!’”    (from 18:26)

An unholy profession of a military officer.    (from 19:18)

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