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 Hans R. Waldvogel (1893-1969)
speaker icon 1A. Entering into Rest (Our work is to let God work.)
speaker icon 1B. Praise (The kingdom is within, and praise puts Jesus on the throne of your heart.)
speaker icon 2A. I Corinthians 12 (Gifts)
speaker icon 2B. Without Faith It Is Impossible to Please God (Faith does not mean wavering, wondering, and anxiety.)
speaker icon 3A. Rest in the Lord
speaker icon 3B. Peace (Not pop-bottle glass, but the real diamond.)
speaker icon 4A. Our Thoughts (Forsake your unrighteous thoughts, and let Christ think His thoughts in you.)
speaker icon 4B. Confidence (“Cast not away your confidence” — “confidence by the faith of Him”)
speaker icon 5A. Christ in Me (You’ve read the advertisement, now get behind the wheel and feel the power for yourself.)
speaker icon 5B. There Hath No Temptation Taken You (Jesus Himself is the way of escape.)
speaker icon 6A. Loving Jesus
speaker icon 6B. Keep Your Heart with All Diligence (The heart is to be the temple of the Living God.)
speaker icon 7A. Faith, Hope, and Love (These are our power line and our navigation beam.)
speaker icon 7B. I Called and Ye Refused
speaker icon 8A. Casting All Your Care upon Him (Have you let God turn you into His masterpiece?)
speaker icon 8B. First Love
speaker icon 9A. Waiting on God (Isaiah 40)
speaker icon 9B. Praise (When you feel least like praising / God’s faithfulness)
speaker icon 10A. Jesus Is Seeking Overcomers (Revelation 14:1-5)
speaker icon 10B. Partakers of Christ (Hebrews 3)
speaker icon 11A. Talk on Praise (Praise and faith, with stories of healing and deliverance)
speaker icon 11B. Loving Jesus (Who wants Him?)
speaker icon 12A. Talk on Healing (John 5: “Wilt thou be made whole?”)
speaker icon 12B. Ye Ought to Be Teachers (Including examples of spiritual and unspiritual meetings)
speaker icon 13A. Grace of God (“Far as the curse is found”)
speaker icon 13B. Following Jesus (HRW’s call to the ministry)
speaker icon 14A. Delight Thyself in the Lord (Get rid of your washboard, and let the washing machine do the work.)
speaker icon 14B. Talk on Praise (The command to “Rejoice evermore”)
speaker icon 15A. A Conscience Void of Offence
speaker icon 15B. My Heart is Fixed (Divine healing: the experiences of Elder Brooks)
speaker icon 16A. They that Love the Lord Shall Be as the Sun
speaker icon 16B. Isaiah 58 (Inward purity)
speaker icon 17A. Exercising Yourself unto Godliness
speaker icon 17B. Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus (Spending time alone with Him)
speaker icon 18A. Joy (The hope of salvation: to be like Him)
speaker icon 18B. Desiring the Sincere Milk of the Word
speaker icon 19A. Hiding (The call to find our place: united to Christ)
speaker icon 19B. A Heart Perfect toward God (Be diligent to get alone with God, and He will supply this need also)
speaker icon 20A. Wanting Jesus (and so counting all things but refuse)
speaker icon 20B. Psalm 91
speaker icon 21A. The Glory of the Cross (The present spiritual realities of Zechariah 14)
speaker icon 21B. Waiting on God (with lessons from A. B. Simpson’s testimony)
speaker icon 22A. Praying without Ceasing (Having a spiritual life outside of church meetings; Psalm 139)
speaker icon 22B. Seeking God (“Every one that seeketh findeth.”)
speaker icon 23A. Trusting God (Is He willing, and is He able?)
speaker icon 23B. Displaced (“I have been ready for My people, but My people were not ready for just Jesus.”)
speaker icon 24A. Take Up the Cross
speaker icon 24B. Three Appearings (with an exposition of the rich man and Lazarus, Luke 16)
speaker icon 25A. If the Vision Tarry (Light, and then a fight)
speaker icon 25B. Isaiah 12
speaker icon 26A. The Test (A wise builder digs down to the Rock)
speaker icon 26B. Faith (Abraham was “fully persuaded”)
speaker icon 27A. Encouragement to Praise (with I Corinthians 13 and comments on tongues)
speaker icon 27B. Talk on Praise (Forsake natural understanding and follow God’s way: Psalm 50:23)
speaker icon 28A. Talk on Praise with Singing (“If you don’t praise the Lord, you’re going to fail”)
speaker icon 28B. God Is Able
speaker icon 29A. The Day of the Lord (Pentecost)
speaker icon 29B. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled (The simplicity of “Believe also in Me”)
speaker icon 30A. Jesus Reigning by His Spirit (Silent and constant contact with Jesus)
  30B. Taking Up the Cross Daily — This is a duplicate of message 24A.
speaker icon 31A. Saved by Hope (Groaning in the Spirit is answered by the “salvation ready to be revealed”)
speaker icon 31B. Thy Kingdom Come (Give up on your own kingdom, and yield to God’s supernatural provision)
speaker icon 32A. Talk on Humility (“Ye shall be as gods.”  That was not Christ’s ambition.)
speaker icon 32B. We Have Known and Believed the Love
speaker icon 33A. Exercising unto Godliness (purity of tongue and life)
speaker icon 33B. Being Filled with the Spirit (“We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost.”)
speaker icon 34A. Christ, Our Indwelling Sanctifier (“I am glorified in them”)
speaker icon 34B. Some Must Enter In (“Labor to enter into that rest…For the word of God is quick and powerful…”)
speaker icon 35A. Communion (“Do this in remembrance of Me”  “Forget not all His benefits”)
speaker icon 35B. Purifying Within (Communion means receiving God’s “unfeigned love of the brethren.”)
speaker icon 36A. Holiness — Revelation 16:15 (Spotless garments, with the need of godly parenting and purity in youth)
speaker icon 36B. Trusting God (“In nothing be anxious; but in everything by prayer…”)
speaker icon 37A. Jesus Manifesting His Presence (“I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice.”)
speaker icon 37B. Rizpah — Communion (Show forth the atonement, and heaven must send the blessing.)
speaker icon 38A. The Preaching of the Cross (Not a pretended death, but Christ’s actual death to sin and the world)
speaker icon 38B. You Have to Work for It (When you want God, you will seek Him early and find Him.)
speaker icon 39A. Revelation 3:14-22 (We ourselves are they who are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked.)
speaker icon 39B. Talk on Prayer
speaker icon 40A. Talk on Praise
  40B. Talk on Rejoicing — This is a duplicate of message 14B.
  41A. Talk on Praise with Meeting — This is a duplicate of message 28A.
speaker icon 41B. First Love
speaker icon 42A. Following Jesus (“Enter ye in at the strait gate.”)
speaker icon 42B. Respect unto All His Commandments (with a review of commandments in Ephesians 4)
  43A. We Have Known and Believed — This is a duplicate of message 11B.
speaker icon 43B. I Corinthians 4 (Judging, being judged, and the marks of a spiritual minister)
speaker icon 44A. God Manifest in the Flesh (“Christ liveth in me”)
speaker icon 44B. Repentance (“Ye must be born again”)
speaker icon 45A. Knowing and Doing God’s Will (with comments on the character, conduct, and gifts of ministers)
speaker icon 45B. Praise and the Ten Virgins (“Well done, thou good and faithful servant” or “I never knew you”)
speaker icon 46A. His Workmanship (The Lord’s perfect provision for His own masterpiece)
speaker icon 46B. Our One Message (John 14:6 – “I am the way”)
speaker icon 47A. Romans 8 (“We are saved by hope,” but Christians are dying, no longer seeing or hearing Christ.)
speaker icon 47B. The Necessity of the Bible for Salvation (The sure way of Romans 8)
speaker icon 48A. He is Thy Lord (“Worship thou Him… So shall the King greatly desire thy beauty.”)
speaker icon 48B. I Waited Patiently (What would happen to you if you did this, as the Bible says?)
speaker icon 49A. Being Changed Inwardly (Receive a new heart, mind, and nature.)
speaker icon 49B. He Is Able (The characteristics of an uttermost salvation)
speaker icon 50A. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Not merely according to Acts 2:4, but according to John 7:38)
speaker icon 50B. Be My Strong Habitation (Hiding in Him: Come down, and come in.)
speaker icon 51A. Christmas Talk
speaker icon 51B. Psalm 92:1 (New Year’s Talk) (An abundant supply in Jesus; reckon yourself “dead indeed.”)
speaker icon 52A. I Came to Kindle a Fire on the Earth (Repair the altar, and God will answer by fire.)
speaker icon 52B. The Hope of the Gospel (Choose your overcomer: Christ or the flesh.)
speaker icon 53A. Let Your Light so Shine (“In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.”)
speaker icon 53B. The Lord’s Prayer — Our Daily Bread
speaker icon 54. Divine Healing
speaker icon 55A. Taking the Cross Sincerely (Is your conversation really in heaven?  If not, your end is destruction.)
speaker icon 55B. The Gift of God (Become an inward Christian.)
speaker icon 56A. Talk before Communion
  56B. Revelation 16:15 (marked incorrectly as Revelation 15:10) — This is a duplicate of message 36A.
speaker icon 57A. Their Strength Is to Sit Still (Don’t dissipate power, but wait on the Lord.)
speaker icon 57B. Cleansing (Become transparent through conviction, admission of guilt, and cleansing.)
speaker icon 58A. When Jesus Comes (Will you follow the Lamb, or quit the field like Gideon’s thousands?)
speaker icon 58B. Talk on Prayer (Draw near to your Father as a dear child.)
speaker icon 59A. Behold, He Cometh (Communion: He comes to fill us with His love and make us like Himself.)
speaker icon 59B. We Glory in Tribulation Also (Tribulation builds faith.  Follow the Lamb through to His salvation.)
speaker icon 60A. Pentecost is Loving Jesus (The prayer “O God, make me love Jesus more” will be answered.)
  60B. I Waited Patiently — This is a duplicate of message 48B.
speaker icon 61A. Wanting Jesus (Hearing His voice, and receiving “so great salvation.”)
speaker icon 61B. The Lord’s Prayer (“Not like Moses;” take Him as your Father.)
speaker icon 62A. Obedience (Let Him finish the good work begun in you: to will and to do of His good pleasure.)
speaker icon 62B. Let Jesus Live through You (Give yourself to prayer, and God will give Himself to you.)
speaker icon 63A. Unfeigned Faith
speaker icon 63B. Finding Jesus (Surface slush won’t do, but “they that seek Me early shall find Me.”)
speaker icon 64A. Abiding — I John 2:28 (There is a “secret place of the Most High,” and “he that abideth in Him sinneth not.”)
speaker icon 64B. A Single Eye (“Looking unto Jesus.”  The eye is faith, and the light is His presence.)
speaker icon 65A. Praying in the Spirit
speaker icon 65B. Without Faith It Is Impossible to Please God
speaker icon 66A. Rebuilding the Altar (Don’t fool yourself.  Find out how it really stands with your soul.)
speaker icon 66B. The Violent Take It by Force (Is God satisfied with your experience of His salvation?)
speaker icon 67A. The Word of God (John 1)
speaker icon 67B. The Table of the Lord (“What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ?”)
  68A. Ye Ought to Be Teachers — This is a duplicate of message 12B.
speaker icon 68B. Faith (Let go and let God)
speaker icon 69A. Talk on Praise (Meditate on the greatness and love of God; praise and worship will flow.)
speaker icon 69B. How Much He Must Suffer (Yield as pliable clay to the Potter, and come forth a vessel unto honor.)
speaker icon 70A. Swift to Hear (Hear His word and take steps in God, or go down like the Titanic.)
speaker icon 70B. Resting in Jesus (“Why should I wander an alien from Thee?”  Seek Jesus Himself.)
speaker icon 71A. II Corinthians 3 (Are you a living epistle?)
speaker icon 71B. The Lord Is My Light / Revelation 21:7 (Don’t leave your first love; hear what the Spirit saith to the churches.)
speaker icon 72A. Continual Praise / Revelation 16:13-15 (When Jesus comes unannounced, will your garment be spotless?)
speaker icon 72B. Your Funeral Service (II Corinthians 5)
speaker icon 73A. What God Is After (Silence, inwardness, and “love unto all the saints”)
  73B. Keeping the Commands — This is a duplicate of message 42B.
speaker icon 74A. Abandonment
speaker icon 74B. The Inner Man (If the King is to live in your heart, it must be strengthened and filled with love.)
speaker icon 75A. I Thessalonians 4 (“How ye ought to walk and to please God.”)
speaker icon 75B. Get Alone with God (Reach out in faith and expect confidently that God will fulfill His promise.)
speaker icon 76A. Pentecost, the Marriage of the Lamb (A worthy bride cares only for her Bridegroom.)
speaker icon 76B. Loving Jesus (Know Jesus, and make the exchange: Himself for your self.)
speaker icon 77A. Something is Happening (I Peter 5:8-10, with comments on the example of the Kirchheim church)
speaker icon 77B. II Corinthians 12:9
speaker icon 78A. Intercession: Which of You Shall Have a Friend? (God gives you a hard job: to wait upon the Lord.)
speaker icon 78B. Faith (with meeting — being fully persuaded, not by what others say, but by what Jesus says)
speaker icon 79A. Make the Exchange (“Delight thyself also in the Lord…”)
speaker icon 79B. Good Friday Talk (Revelation 1:5)
speaker icon 80A. Prayer, with Meeting (Matthew 7:8)
speaker icon 80B. You Have a Little Strength (False revival and true revival)
speaker icon 81A. God Hath Spoken unto Us by His Son (Hebrews 1)
speaker icon 81B. Call to Prayer (Revival though prayer)
speaker icon 82A. Living with Him (I Thessalonians 5, with meeting excerpts)
speaker icon 82B. A Christian Home (A spirit-filled, praying husband, and a gentle, loving wife)
speaker icon 83A. Perfection (II Corinthians 7:1.  To be made perfect in love?  It can be done.)
    More of these recordings will be posted in the near future, Lord willing...
  83B. I Thessalonians 1
  84A. Entering into Christ
  84B. Repentance — This is a duplicate of message 44B.
  85A. Ephesians 1
  85B. If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments
  86A. Hearken Diligently
  86B. Delight Thyself Also in the Lord — This is a duplicate of message 79A.
  87A. The Vision Will Not Lie — This is a duplicate of message 25A.
  87B. Call to Holiness
  88A. This One Thing I Do
  88B. Talk on Prayer
  89A. Humility – His Yokefellow
  89B. The Word of God
  90A. I Corinthians 5
  90B. Highway of Holiness
  91A. I Corinthians 1
  91B. I Corinthians 2
  92A. I Corinthians 4:1-5 — This is a duplicate of message 43B.
  92B. Children of the Day
  93A. Do You Want Him?  Psalm 81
  93B. Prayer — This is a duplicate of message 78A.
  94A. Galatians 1
  94B. Psalm 63
  95A. Seeking First the Kingdom
  95B. Colossians 2:1-7
  96A. I Am the True Vine — This is a duplicate of message 62B.
  96B. The Indwelling Light of God
  97A. Do All Things without Murmuring
  97B. Acts 3:21
  98A. The Fear of the Lord
  98B. God Is for Us
  99A. God Is Faithful
  99B. The First Love
speaker icon 100A. What Do Ye More Than Others? (Put on the provided wedding garment: Jesus in His meekness and lowliness.)
  100B. If Ye Then Be Risen with Christ
  101A. Psalm 84
  101B. Lamentations 3:22-28
  102A. Love One Another
  102B. Philippians 2:12-15
  103A. The Lord’s Prayer — This is a duplicate of message 53B.
  103B. Ephesians 4:17
  104A. How Will We Rise to Meet God?
  104B. Procrastination
  105A. Soul-Winning
  105B. Ephesians 1:17
  106A. Desiring Jesus
  106B. Hebrews 13:20, 21
  107A. I Thessalonians 5
  107B. Hebrews 11:5, 6
  108A. How I Got to Patchen Avenue
  108B. Dumps and Praise
  109A. Bondservants
  109B. Seek Christ Within
  110A. Perfect Love — This is a duplicate of message 83A.
  110B. The Spirit of the Lord Will Lift Up a Standard Against Him
  111A. Faith — This is a duplicate of message 78B.
  111B. Put Your Confidence in the Lord
  112A. It’s All in the Bible — This is a duplicate of message 89B.
  112B. Holiness Unto the Lord
  113A. God Is For Us — This is a duplicate of message 98B.
  113B. Seeking On
  114A. Thou Wilt Keep Him in Perfect Peace…
  114B. Psalm 81
  115A. School of the Holy Spirit
  115B. Pentecostal Meetings – What God Is After — This is a duplicate of message 73A.
  116A. The Word of God Is Fundamental
  116B. Jesus Wants to Reign
  117A. I Peter 1
  117B. All Fulness Is In Him — This is a duplicate of message 11B.
  118A. Fear of God — This is a duplicate of message 98A.
  118B. Revelation 2:9
  119A. Loins Girt, Lamps Burning — This is a sermon of Gottfried A. Waldvogel
  119B. Redeeming the Time — This is a sermon of Gottfried A. Waldvogel
  120A. First Love — This master tape has not been located
  120B. I Peter 1:7 — This master tape has not been located
  121A. Danger of Slothfulness — This master tape has not been located
  121B. The Importance of Prayer — This master tape has not been located
 Gordon P. Gardiner (1915-1986)

Gordon Gardiner ministered in the Ridgewood Pentecostal Church and at Pilgrim Camp from 1945 until his death on April 13, 1986.

speaker icon 1. The Sermon on the Mount
speaker icon 2. Pressing Forward in the Christian Life (Stop your everlasting whining; trust God for permanent changes now.)
 Dr. Roy M. Gray (1904-1994)

Biographical information about Dr. Gray is available here.

speaker icon 1. Sickness: A Spiritual Problem with a Spiritual Remedy
speaker icon 2. Principles of Divine Healing (the earnest and firstfruits of the Spirit)
speaker icon 3. Healing Throughout Church History (including material from A. J. Gordon)
speaker icon 4. Healing in the Old Testament (with comments on faith and prayer)
speaker icon 5. Healing in Isaiah 53 (not “sorrows” and “griefs” but “pains” and “sicknesses”)
speaker icon 6. Waiting on God in Dependence
speaker icon 7. A Genuine Christian Witness by Keeping in Touch with God
speaker icon 8. Hearing the Voice of God (with an appeal to honest dealings in the world)
speaker icon 9. Learning to Live by Faith (not timidity or cowardice, but faith)
speaker icon 10. Coming to Jesus in Faith
speaker icon 11. Humility (Turn around, and become like a little child.)
speaker icon 12. Led by the Spirit (readings from and comments on chapter 22 of Radiant Glory)
speaker icon 13. Secrets of Paul’s Ministry (The recording ends abruptly.)
speaker icon 14. Jesus’ Life of Prayer, part 2
speaker icon 15. Fragment: Christ, Our Only Authorized Healer
speaker icon 16. Remarks on the Funeral and Legacy of Hans Waldvogel (Judd Faith Home, March 30, 1969)
 Loretta Mae Judd (1880-1959)

Mrs. Judd ministered with Martha Wing Robinson in the Faith Homes in Zion, Illinois.  For more information on Mrs. Judd, see the July, 1959 issue of Bread of Life.

speaker icon 1. The Palace of Perfection
 Mary Elizabeth Judd (1907-1991)

Mary Elizabeth Judd is the daughter of L. M. Judd.

speaker icon 1. Comments on Martha Wing Robinson and the Inner Life
 Edwin H. Waldvogel (1915-2006)

Edwin H. Waldvogel, nephew of Hans Waldvogel, served as a pastor in the Ridgewood Pentecostal Church starting in 1942, and as senior pastor after Hans Waldvogel’s death in 1969.

speaker icon 15. Judgment is Coming (II Thessalonians 1)
speaker icon 16. Slip Your Head into the Yoke (Take warning from the life of Gehazi, and get down before the Lord.)
speaker icon 18. Talk on Healing
speaker icon 19. Colossians 1 (His yoke is easy)
speaker icon 20. Elijah (Prayer)
speaker icon 21. The Marriage of the Lamb
speaker icon 22. Melchizedek (Hebrews 7)
speaker icon 23A. Mother’s Day 1985 (Prayer — II Kings 4:6-37)
speaker icon 23B. Mother’s Day 1987 (Ruth)
speaker icon 24. II Corinthians 5:14-21, especially 15-17
speaker icon 25. A Vision
speaker icon SM1. Sermon on the Mount, part 1 (Matthew 5:3-13.  There is distracting background noise throughout this recording.)
speaker icon SM2. Sermon on the Mount, part 2 (Matthew 5:14-30)
speaker icon SM3. Sermon on the Mount, part 3 (Matthew 5:31-48)
speaker icon SM4. Sermon on the Mount, part 4 (Matthew 6:1-18)
speaker icon SM5. Sermon on the Mount, part 5 (Matthew 6:19-34)
speaker icon SM6. Sermon on the Mount, part 6 (Matthew 7:1-12)
speaker icon SM7. Sermon on the Mount, part 7 (Matthew 7:13-27)
 Gottfried A. Waldvogel (1889-1953)

Gottfried Waldvogel labored with his younger brother Hans Waldvogel as an associate pastor of the Ridgewood Pentecostal Church from 1934 to 1953.  For more information on Gottfried Waldvogel’s life and ministry, see the July, 1953 issue of Bread of Life.

speaker icon 1. Loins Girt and Lamps Burning
speaker icon 2. Talk on Communion
 Joseph P. Wannenmacher (1895-1989)

In the early 1920s, Joseph P. Wannenmacher founded a Hungarian Pentecostal mission on Winnebago Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Full Gospel Church.  Hans Waldvogel had met him at the Faith Homes in Zion, Illinois, and in the recordings on this site, often speaks of his example of seeking the Lord as a young man.

speaker icon 1. Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus