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51A. Christmas Talk

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  speaker icon   1. Introduction by Edwin H. Waldvogel   (2:37)
  speaker icon   2. Glory Be to God   (3:17)
  speaker icon   3. Tongues and interpretation   (3:35)
  speaker icon   4. Unto Us a Child Is Born   (3:05)
  speaker icon   5. Christmas Talk   (14:18)
  speaker icon   6. Open Your Heart and Let Him Come In   (2:29)
  speaker icon   7. Closing announcement   (0:58)

Selected Verses:

John 1:11.  He came unto his own, and his own received him not.

Luke 11:13.  If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?

Romans 8:32.  He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?


I wonder what they had to tell when they got to heaven.  I wonder what they had to tell, because there were other angels up there waiting and wondering what in the world happened when Jesus Christ the Son of God came among men.  What happened?  Oh, I think there must have been real sadness in heaven.  “Why, they were all asleep—the whole city of the King.  They were all asleep.  We couldn’t even wake them up with our trumpets.  We had to go out into the field where the shepherds were watching.  They were awake.  They were awake—they heard us.”

I heard an Alliance preacher say that angels don’t sing.  I don’t know.  All our songs talk about angels singing.  But the Bible doesn’t say that.  They talked; they had a message—a very wonderful message, but nobody there to listen to it, nobody there to be interested.  “He came unto His own…”—what a fact; how very wonderful: this entire Old Testament was a preparation for the coming of the King to this earth, and was intended to prepare hearts to be ready to receive Him.  But when He came, there was “no form nor comliness that we should desire Him.”  My goodness, who in the world would have looked for Him in a manger—in a manager in a stable?

Selected Quotes:

speaker icon But I wonder what God the Father thinks of us.  I wonder what Jesus Christ thinks of us.  “He came unto His own, and His own received Him not.”  Oh, that’s the great tragedy of the ages.  He came to you.  You are “His own.”

speaker icon Oh, how “fearfully we are made.”  And we’re made for one purpose only: to live unto Himto be filled with Him, to be united to the Son of God—hallelujah!—to make a throne for Him to come and reign by us and through us, and let the “blessing flow far as the curse is found.”

speaker iconAs many as received Him…”  How simple!  Why, He comes to every one.  He comes to your heart.  He “knocks at the door” of your heart.

speaker icon And I know what’s happened in your life if you really know Jesus better tonight than you knew Him a year ago: you’ve been praying a lot.  That’s very simple, but you have.  You’ve been praying; you’ve been waiting upon the Lord; you were taking no chance no matter what others do.  Others have to spend their time otherwise—they have to waste their time.  Whatsoever is flesh is flesh.  “That which is born of the flesh” “minds the things of the flesh.”  And when the Bible says, “We walk by faith, and not by sight,” He means to say, “we walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh.”  We don’t serve the flesh.  This flesh is “crucified with Christ.”  But oh, thank God, the Son of God controls—He reigns “over my will and over my affections victorious.” 

And it didn’t happen all at once.  It happened because when He came, I heard His voice and I obeyed Him “with fear and trembling.”  I went to God.  When God convicted me in the meeting, I didn’t let it go at that.  I didn’t go to the ice cream parlor to wash it down, but I went to my prayer closet.  I buried my—oh how many times I buried my face in my pillow and cried out my heart before God and said, “Oh, my God, my God”!  Sometimes I’d go home and fast the next day because God had dealt with me.  It pays.  I tell you, it pays.

speaker icon But now, the angel comes and says, “It’s happened.  Unto you…”  It’s personal.  Oh, that’s what I need.  I need a personal Savior.  I need a Savior; and he says, “Unto you is born the Savior.”  There’s only one—but unto me.  Oh, my Lord and my God!  And if you’re saved tonight it’s because you didn’t turn Him aside, but you took Him—you accepted Him.  You realized that you were eternally lost unless you opened your heart and opened your life and let Him come and be your life.  That’s “the gift of God,” who “spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all.”

speaker icon And He is the Christ “who baptizes with the Holy Ghost,” and makes you “walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh.”  And He is the Lord promised, Hallelujah!  I said, “Jesus, I don’t know how to reign, and I don’t know how to tell You how to reign.  You’ve got to do it Yourself.  And here I am.  Let me be Your kingdom.  You be my King.”


A personal testimony of healing.  “How easy it is to receive Him.  He’s much more eager to give Himself to you than you are to have Him.”    (from 8:58)

German at 5:56:

Du kannst dir denken, wie sich der gefreut hat. — You can imagine how happy he was.


Joy to the World, a hymn by Isaac Watts:

No more let sins and sorrows grow
Nor thorns infest the ground;
He comes to make His blessings flow
Far as the curse is found.

Truehearted, Wholehearted, Faithful and Loyal, a hymn by Frances R. Havergal, 1878:

Wholehearted! Savior belovèd and glorious,
Take Thy great power and reign Thou alone,
Over our wills and affections victorious—
Freely surrendered and wholly Thine own.

Forni’s Alpen Krauter – A tonic advertised “to improve the appetite, to promote digestion, to regulate the action of the bowels, and to quiet the nervous system, etc.”

Audio Quality: Good

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Project Notes:

Original tape marked: C/60.  We ran light hiss reduction, DeHummer 4 filter, -24dB at 60.00Hz; and compression.  Around 8:33 a little noise reduction was used to reduce the sound of a infant crying.

During a chat with Edwin J. Waldvogel, he mentioned that the familiar voice of the man speaking in tongues on track 3 is that of one Mr. Hackradt.  He said that his great uncle Hans mentioned once that it was more difficult to interpret for him than others because the duration of his speaking in tongues tended to be longer.  Track effects were used to make this section a little less muffled.


Project Files:

The original media and project files are available upon request.

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