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70A. Swift to Hear (Hear His word and take steps in God, or go down like the Titanic.)

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  speaker icon   1. Swift to Hear   (25:12)
  speaker icon   2. Let King Jesus Reign   (2:21)

Selected Verses:

James 1:22.  But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

Proverbs 1:33.  But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.


But two things: first of all, we get a chance to hear, and then we get a chance to do.  And those two items belong together.  We heard a while ago how important it is to be “swift to hear.”  And then He says, “But be ye doers of the word.”  I’m so glad that God gives me a chance to act upon what I hear.  I find out that if we don’t, as we heard a while ago, disaster is awaiting us. 

This happens to be the anniversary of another catastrophe: the sinking of the Titanic, about 48 years ago.  And the Titanic was one of these proud creations—like we are—“unsinkable.”  Oh, what a danger when we get to the place where we’re so proud and so self-assured that we never dream that there might be a disaster awaiting us.

I heard the Lord say to a young minister one day, “I don’t want you to fall down to show you where you’re failing.” 

And some time ago, I had dealings with a minister who had failed so terribly.  And someone came to me and said, “Do you think that that just happened unexpectedly?” 

And I said, “No; that man knew what to do a long, long time before God allowed him to break.”

Selected Quotes:

speaker icon We have heard signals from the other world today; we hear them every day.  And they’re serious signals, and we don’t realize how serious they are because we’re quite comfortable: “My, we’re having a wonderful meeting aren’t we?  Wonderful meetings.” 

I’ve often wondered at the warnings that God gives us.  You might not believe me, but many times I’ve said, “God, I’m never going to speak of it again.  I’ll never speak of it.”  I’ve said, “God, forgive me for talking like that.”  And then when I get up again, the Holy Ghost sends another signal, sharper than ever.

We’ve heard it, and we know where it came from; we know where the Sender is: it’s in the New Jerusalem, it’s in heaven, it’s the place where we’re headed for, and He says, “Look out!  Danger ahead!”

speaker icon God tells you definitely what His will is, but, “Oh, now we can preach about it; now we got another text for another sermon!”  But where are the people that take steps in God?  I’ll tell you something: we can get some light about some truth today, and we’ll never get there.  Maybe we’ll have to go way back somewhere… like when you’ve lost your way: you’ve not followed the road map, and you’ve gone on and just trusting your luck to get to the destination.

speaker icon How definitely God speaks to us about the sins of the tongue!  He’s spoken to us this morning about that.  But who here has taken steps in God where he’s been delivered of that bondage, and delivered of that deception, and where your tongue has been bridled?

speaker icon What would happen to us if today we would take steps—maybe just a little step?  You’ll never take a big step till you take a little step.  You’ll never get any further if God deals with you about your tongue: you’ll never—you can go on a thousand years, coming to conventions like this, hearing the word of God, studying the Bible, going to conventions, and you’ll never get to where God wants you until you take a step where God asks you to step.  God says, “Put your foot there.

speaker icon You’ve got to labor.  Isaiah had to labor.  What made him labor over that one item?  Why, his eyes had seen the Lord of hosts.  I tell you, all of us will be transformed when God will give us that sight of Jesus.  We’ll not trifle with little sins anymore.  That’s where our danger comes in; it’s the little things.  We call them, “little,” but that little worm will turn into a dragon that will swallow you tomorrow.  And God says, “Look out for that little thing.  Look out!  Death is thereBe swift to hear.”  Oh, for a hearing ear!


A minister who came to nothing because he would not wash dishes.  “God Almighty spoke to him… ‘I’ll never make a preacher out of you until you get back to that kitchen and wash dishes until you like to do it.’”    (from 8:08)

Comments on the judicial system.  “If anybody commits murder, we put them in an ice cream parlor, and we give them a psychiatrist to coddle him.”    (from 12:00)

God warns us not to step on the edge.  “‘Come on, Mrs. Wagner, I’ll give you a boat ride.’”    (from 14:16)

The Irishman’s advice.  “‘Don’t you let them do that to you.  Steb’ ‘em ‘n der nose!’”    (from 18:33)

Date: “This happens to be the anniversary of another catastrophe: the sinking of the Titanic, about 48 years ago.”  That would place this recording around Friday, April 15, 1960.

Audio Quality: Fair

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