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73A. What God Is After (Silence, inwardness, and “love unto all the saints”)

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  speaker icon   1. Opening Hymn: My Sins are Gone   (3:58)
  speaker icon   2. What God Is After   (39:58)

Selected Verses:

Ephesians 1:15-17.  Wherefore I also, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus, and love unto all the saints, 16Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers; 17That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him.


I’ll tell you what I like:

[Hymn: My Sins are Gone; worship and praise]

Now are you quite awake?  Praise the Lord!

You know, I like God’s ways; they’re so different from man’s ways.  Our sister talked about Holy Ghost meetings.  Do you know how to have a Holy Ghost meeting?  Nobody knows but the Holy Ghost.  He knows how to get under the skin of people.  He knows how to keep them awake.  Somebody says, “Brother Waldvogel doesn’t let us go to sleep.”  Well, the Lord has done all kinds of things.

There was in a certain church—I think it was a Baptist church—a minister who was delivering a homiletically correct sermon, and all at once he spied his little boy up on the balcony throwing chestnuts down at the people.  He said, “Johnny!  Stop that!”

He said, “Okay, Pop.  You go ahead preaching.  I’ll keep ‘em awake for you.”

Well, the Lord has given me a bag full of chestnuts to keep people awake with.

Selected Quotes:

speaker icon That’s what they call a “revival”—a lot of noise!  And I came to Patchen Avenue, and those people said, “What are you going to do there?”

I said, “I’m going to do what I always do: love Jesus, and worship Him, and get out of His way.”  And it was wonderful.  The first night we were there, 15 people were present, and Jesus came.  Jesus came!  I was satisfied.  I said, “Now, thank God, the victory’s won!  Jesus is here.”

speaker icon They said, “Well, isn’t this strange?  Here is a preacher, and he sits and does nothing—closes his eyes.”  But you know, after a while, they got their eyes on Jesus.

I remember one woman came in there, and she sat there a while, and she looked around.  She came from that place where they drummed up enthusiasm.  And she looked to the right, and they all had their eyes closed.  She looked to the left; they all had their eyes closed.  She looked to the platform, and I had my eyes closed, so she called for a song.  She says, “Let’s sing number 37.”

I had seen the Lord.  I said, “All right.  We’ll sing it a little while later.  Let’s wait a minute.  Jesus Christ is walking through these aisles, blessing His people, filling the vessels with oil.”

So this woman thought, “Well, I might as well close my eyes too.”  So, almost as soon as she closed her eyes, she felt something happening on the inside.

speaker icon Do you know that the “kingdom of God is within”?  And if it isn’t within, it’s no place.  Absolutely!  You can take the fastest spaceship and fly to Mars and Venus, and fly to Arcturus, and fly to all the—Sirius and all the nebulas and all the universes, and you’ll never find the kingdom of God until you find it on the inside—until Jesus Christ has come on the inside, until the inside has become silent in the presence of God—silent enough for Jesus to speak His own word.  That’s why He says, “He that loveth his life shall lose it.”  And that’s what’s the matter with us.  That’s what we call a revival: when we stir up the old life.

speaker icon Why do we feel the presence of God here?  Because somebody has prayed through, and somebody has believed through, and somebody has faith—living faith in the manifestation of Jesus Christ.  And everyone in this meeting that has a spark of faith contributes to that atmosphere.

speaker iconYour whole spirit…”

“Oh, yes, Lord, You can have my spirit because I don’t know much about it.  I don’t know if I have one or not.  You can have it.  Go ahead; take it.” 

But He says, “your soul.”  That relates to your feelings, your ambitions, your thoughts, your wishes, your desires, your appetites—your soul.  “Your whole spirit and soul.”

“Alright, You can have my soul too.”  But, how about “your body”?

speaker icon Beloved, I ought to confess that I’m not a Christian until I love all the saints—not [merely] tolerate them.  We do that naturally, don’t we?  Why, yes.

speaker icon We say we have love, but it doesn’t reach to the end of our noses.  It doesn’t reach anywhere.  O my Father, You’ve got love for me that will set my heart ablaze—that will make rivers of life to flow from me into the members of Your body.  Oh, that’s what He means when He says we must be “fitly framed together.”

speaker icon God is finding His own; the Holy Spirit is finding His own.  “He that is of the truth heareth My voice.”  Oh, there are millions of voices today clamoring for attention.  There are devils transformed into angels of light, and they perform signs and wonders to deceive, if it were possible, the very elect.  But “he that is of the truth” wants Jesus alone.


The legend of the man who sought death for 4000 years.    (from 2:04)

Comments on the history of the work at Patchen Avenue.  This story is also mentioned in recording 73A around 7:34.    (from 6:00)

Comments on modern prisons.    (from 27:43)

The story of a man who caused a revival among gabbing saints.    (from 29:47)

A young man who cleaned himself up for the sake of a girl.  This story can also be found in recording 60A.    (from 31:17)

German at 23:14:

A quote from Acts 11:14.

“Du und dein Haus sollen selig werden.” — “Thou and all thy house shall be saved.” 

The next section includes an imitation of a portion of Das Lied von der Glocke (The Song of the Bell) by Friedrich Schiller.  The full poem and translation is available here.


Und drinnen waltet
Die züchtige Hausfrau,
Die Mutter der Kinder.

And indoors ruleth
The housewife so modest,
The mother of children.

Here is Mr. Waldvogel’s full text:

Das, das wird da erfüllt, wo du ein richtiger Hausvater bist. Und wo du deine Stellung einnimmst als der Meister, nicht:

Drinnen waltet
Der tüchtige Hausherr,
Der Vater der Kinde:
Steht unter’m Pantoffel
Und schält die Kartoffel.

That, that will be fulfilled—where you are a true patriach, and where you take your position as the master, not:

Indoors ruleth
The capable householder,
The father of children:
Henpecked (literally, Under the slipper),
And peeling potatoes.

German at 26:01:

A quote from two different verses of the hymn, Ein Herz und eine Seele by Karl Gerok:

Ein Herz und eine Seele war der ersten Christen Menge,
Ob Christi Heer durch Land und Meer nach Millionen zähle,
Die Krone, ach, die Liebe, brach - ein Herz und eine Seele.

One heart and one soul was the multitude of the first Christians,
Whether the the host of Christ in land and sea is counted by Millions,
The crown, alas, the love, broke - one heart and one soul.

German at 28:41:

See the Treaty of Frankfurt ending the Franco-Prussian War.

Swiss German:
Isch es wahr, dass der Kaiser dia faif Milliona verputzt hat wo Frankriich g’sandt hat? — Majestätsbeleidigung.

Ist es wahr, dass der Kaiser die fünf Millionen verputzt hat, die Frankreich gesandt hat? — Majestätsbeleidigung.

Is it true that the Kaiser has used up the five million France has sent [as war indemnity]? — Infringement of majesty (lèse-majesté).

German at 31:01:

Liebe macht erfinderisch. — “Love makes one inventive,” or “Love is the mother of invention.”

Audio Quality: Fair

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Project Notes:

The original tape is marked (124) C/90.  We ran light hiss reduction, DeHummer, 8 filter, -30dB at 58.20Hz, and compression.  The recording may seem a little fast in spots, but the speed is probably just about right.  Track effects were used to boost the frequencies around 1000Hz, especially during the first few minutes.  A pause was shortened, and a stutter or two removed.


Project Files:

The original media and project files are available upon request.

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