Collected here is much of the music from the original recordings.

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     A Charge to Keep I Have    (2:54)
     A Life of Overcoming, verses 1-3    (2:25)
     A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, verses 1 and 2    (2:13)
     Aftermeeting    (8:26)
     All I Need    (2:44)
     All that I Have Is Jesus    (2:55)
     All That Thrills My Soul Is Jesus    (2:52)
     All That Thrills My Soul Is Jesus    (2:34)
     Allelujah, Allelujah    (1:47)
     Behold, What Manner of Man Is This    (1:56)
     Beloved, Now Are We    (3:11)
     Beneath the Cross of Jesus, first and last verses    (2:16)
     Blessed Assurance    (2:47)
     Breathe on Me, Breath of God, verses 1 and 3    (1:09)
     But This One Thing I Know    (3:11)
     By My Spirit    (2:51)
     Day by Day    (3:18)
     Down at the Cross, instrumental    (1:42)
     Down from His Glory    (5:35)
     Dwell Deep in God    (3:53)
     Dwelling in His Holy Presence    (3:12)
     Fairest Lord Jesus    (2:56)
     Fill All My Vision    (5:30)
     Great is the Lord, He is the King of Glory    (5:07)
     Hallelujah! What a Savior    (6:19)
     Have Thine Own Way, Lord    (2:57)
     He Has Surely Borne Our Sorrow    (4:36)
     He Was Nailed to the Cross for Me    (3:27)
     He Was Wounded for Our Transgressions    (2:40)
     Heís a Wonderful Savior to Me, verses 1 and 2    (1:32)
     Heís Just the Same Today, excerpt    (2:08)
     Here from the World We Turn    (2:04)
     Hiding in Thee    (3:20)
     Hiding Underneath the Shadow of His Love    (3:24)
     His Eye Is on the Sparrow, verses 1 and 2    (2:53)
     Ho, Every One that Is Thirsty    (4:28)
     Holy Bible, Book Divine, first and last verses    (0:56)
     Holy Ghost, with Light Divine, verses 1, 3, and 5    (2:07)
     How Firm a Foundation    (2:21)
     How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds    (2:07)
     How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds    (1:57)
     I Shall Not Be Moved    (2:41)
     I Shall See the King in His Beauty    (2:32)
     I Stood One Day at Calvary    (3:20)
     I Touched the Heart of God in Prayer    (1:44)
     I Want to Be Like Jesus    (2:50)
     I Would Be Like Jesus    (3:43)
     Iíll Sing It and Iíll Tell It    (3:51)
     Iím Happy with Jesus Alone    (2:10)
     If Youíll Trust in the Lord    (3:36)
     In My Heart There Rings a Melody    (2:09)
     In the Secret of His Presence    (3:20)
     In the Shadow of His Wings    (3:16)
     In the Sweet By and By    (2:36)
     In Times Like These    (2:35)
     Is Your All on the Altar?    (1:42)
     It Is Truly Wonderful    (2:22)
     Itís Real    (4:48)
     Jesus Is All I Need    (3:36)
     Jesus Is the Bright and Morning Star, excerpt    (0:57)
     Jesus Never Fails    (3:29)
     Jesus Revealed in Me    (2:22)
     Jesus, Only Jesus    (2:32)
     Jesus, the Joy of Loving Hearts    (2:21)
     Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee    (2:03)
     Joy Unspeakable, excerpt    (1:05)
     Just a Closer Walk with Thee, excerpt    (2:53)
     Just a Closer Walk with Thee, excerpt    (2:58)
     Just As I Am, Without One Plea    (3:40)
     Lead On, O King Eternal    (2:48)
     Lean on His Arms, verses 1 and 2    (1:36)
     Leave Your Heavy Burden at the Cross    (2:33)
     Let King Jesus Reign    (2:21)
     Living Where the Healing Waters Flow    (1:41)
     Longing for Jesus; Matthew 11:28-30    (3:53)
     Lord, I Want to Be Like Jesus    (1:11)
     Magnify the Lord with Me    (3:01)
     Make Me a Channel of Blessing    (1:05)
     Moment by Moment    (3:25)
     More Love to Thee, O Christ    (2:06)
     My Anchor Holds    (1:54)
     My Faith Has Found a Resting Place    (1:52)
     My Father Watches over Me, first and last verses    (3:01)
     My Heart Is Fixed, Eternal God    (1:54)
     My Heart Is Stirred Wheneíer I Think of Jesus    (2:47)
     My Redeemer    (2:09)
     My Sins Are Gone    (1:24)
     Near the Cross, verse 1    (1:25)
     Near to the Heart of God    (3:52)
     Nearer, Still Nearer, first and last verses    (3:11)
     No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus    (3:16)
     Nothing Between (Tindley)    (3:16)
     O Could I Speak the Matchless Worth    (2:38)
     O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing, Lyngham and Glaeser medley    (2:13)
     O How I Love Jesus, medley    (2:25)
     O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee    (2:39)
     O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee, verses 1-2    (1:11)
     O Sweet Wonder    (3:22)
     Oh, the Fire Is Burning    (2:39)
     One Day    (5:18)
     Onward, Christian Soldiers    (3:00)
     Open My Eyes That I May See    (3:59)
     Open Your Heart and Let Him Come In    (3:05)
     Opening worship    (3:24)
     Opening worship    (7:29)
     Opening worship    (0:44)
     Opening worship    (0:58)
     Peace, Perfect Peace, Love, Perfect Love    (2:46)
     Pentecost in My Soul    (3:18)
     Pentecostal Fire Is Falling    (2:03)
     Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty    (2:20)
     Proverbs 4:18    (1:54)
     Psalm 1    (6:07)
     Psalm 37:4-7    (3:32)
     Psalm 92:1-2    (3:11)
     Ready    (3:29)
     Rise Up, O Men of God    (1:37)
     Room at the Cross    (2:40)
     Sail On!    (4:02)
     Satisfied    (2:44)
     Since I Found My Savior, first and last verses    (2:46)
     Springs of Living Water    (2:44)
     Stand Beside Me, O My Savior    (3:53)
     Still, Still with Thee    (2:15)
     Submission    (3:25)
     Sweet Peace, the Gift of God's Love    (5:07)
     Sweeter as the Days Go By    (2:47)
     Take the World, but Give Me Jesus    (3:12)
     Take Time to Be Holy    (2:03)
     Take Time to Be Holy    (2:03)
     That Day at Calvary    (3:21)
     That Wonderful Name    (4:20)
     The Beautiful Garden of Prayer    (2:52)
     The Fire Is Burning    (2:43)
     The Glory of His Presence    (4:02)
     The Great Physician, first and last verses    (2:16)
     The Haven of Rest    (3:19)
     The Joy of My Life is Jesus    (1:31)
     The Lordís Prayer    (3:25)
     The Lordís Prayer    (2:56)
     The Love of God, first and last verses    (2:37)
     The New Song, excerpt    (0:59)
     The Old Rugged Cross, verses 1 and 2    (2:48)
     The Unveiled Christ, verse 1    (1:49)
     The Wise and Foolish Builders, Matthew 7:24-27    (2:21)
     The Wonder of It All    (2:47)
     Thereís a Song thatís Ringing in My Heart Today    (2:48)
     They That Wait upon the Lord    (2:31)
     They That Wait upon the Lord    (2:36)
     Thy Gracious Image, Savior    (2:14)
     Tis Burning in My Soul    (1:22)
     Tis Burning in My Soul, first and last verses    (2:46)
     Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus, first and last verses    (3:28)
     To God Be the Glory    (2:45)
     Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus    (4:03)
     Under His Wings    (3:03)
     We Worship and Adore Thee    (3:15)
     We Worship and Adore You    (1:46)
     What a Day That Will Be    (2:36)
     What Shall I Give Thee, Master?    (3:32)
     When I Survey the Wondrous Cross    (4:36)
     When Iím with Him    (3:11)
     When Iím with Him    (3:04)
     When Jesus Comes; Praise    (8:48)
     When Jesus Sought Me, verses 1 and 2    (2:02)
     When We Reach the Land of Light    (2:40)
     Whiter Than Snow    (2:33)
     Wonderful    (3:33)
     Wonderful Power of My Wonderful King    (2:05)
     Worship and praise    (4:34)
     You May Have the Joy Bells    (2:40)