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28A. Talk on Praise with Singing (“If you don’t praise the Lord, you’re going to fail”)

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  speaker icon   1. Magnify the Lord with Me   (3:01)
  speaker icon   2. The New Song, excerpt   (0:59)
  speaker icon   3. Talk on Praise with Singing   (27:06)
            speaker icon   a. Message   (17:11)
            speaker icon   b. Worship and Praise   (9:55)
  speaker icon   4. How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds   (2:07)
  speaker icon   5. Tongues and interpretation   (2:31)
  speaker icon   6. Word of prophecy   (3:37)
  speaker icon   7. All I Need   (2:11)
  speaker icon   8. Psalm 92:1-2   (3:11)
  speaker icon   9. I Would Be Like Jesus   (3:43)

Selected Verses:

Philippians 3:1.  Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. To write the same things to you, to me indeed is not grievous, but for you it is safe.

Philippians 4:4.  Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.


Not in a comfortable lobby of a fine hotel, but out of the dungeon, which certainly couldn’t have been very comfortable—and he writes to the Philippians out of the dungeon.  And he writes a word that is interesting: “Rejoice in the Lord, and again I say rejoice.”  “To write the same things to you, to me indeed is not grievous, but for you it is safe.”  I’ve many times thanked God for that word, because I too am one of those “harpers that are harping with their harps” all the time—harping on the same thing.  Now, we’ve just passed through our Thanksgiving service where praise, of course, was the main theme.  And so here we come together again tonight, and the Lord sets before us again the theme of praise—not only the importance of praise, but the great and unspeakable blessing.

One of the first words that I heard when I came into Pentecost—or came in touch with a Pentecostal minister—was a motto I saw on the wall.  He had made it himself, and this motto said, “If you don’t praise the Lord, you’re going to fail.”  That was news to me.  I’d known a great deal about theology, and biology, and phrenology, and philosophy, and a lot of those things, but I didn’t know that I was going to fail if I didn’t praise the Lord, because I didn’t praise the Lord.

Selected Quotes:

speaker icon There’s something in praising the Lord that brings God into your soul, that liberates you, that breaks the chains, that makes a way for the glory of God to descend upon you, makes you a temple of the living God.  You know how in Old Testament times, in the temple the singers had to sing day and night, and the light of worship had to burn day and night—typical of this New Testament temple.

speaker icon And if you knew what thieves and murderers lodge in your soul tonight, you’d get rid of them.  I found out what was lodging in my heart.  I thought I was a good Christian, but I was dumper.  And when things didn’t come my way, sometimes I felt like tearing the whole world to pieces.  Did you ever feel like that?  You know, religiously, of course—righteously indignant.

speaker icon Ah, but “His praise shall continually be in my mouth.”  What a cure for all these bondages is the praise of the Lord!  And tonight, Jesus means to cure you, He means to help you, He means to restore the lights of God within your soul.  “Finally, brethren,” Paul says after his great discourse on being filled with God, “rejoice in the Lord.”  “And again I say rejoice.”  Rejoice not in somebody or somebody else or something else, but “rejoice in the Lord.”  “Delight thyself also in the Lord.”

speaker iconRejoice in the Lord alway, and again I say, rejoice.”  And when I discovered these bondages in my soul, I did something about it.  God wouldn’t let me get by without this victory.  I found out that it was fundamental, absolutely.  I found out that a lack of joy is due to an innate pride, an inborn pride.  If you don’t “rejoice in the Lord alway” it’s because you think too much of yourself.  And God doesn’t want us to think of self.

speaker icon You’ll never be a fruitful branch in the Vine until you get this victory in your soul.  It’s a victory of the Son of God.  “He is the Prince of Glory,” and if He is to reign supreme and to “subdue all things” within you, He’ll certainly subdue these idols that you have worshipped, maybe unknown to yourself.


The theologian who scoffed at praising the Lord.  “I was a dumper, and you know, lots of professors are dumpers, lots of theologians are dumpers.  I’ve known theologians that were crushed by their dumps.  And they worshipped them, they liked them…  [I] told him how in our meetings we shout the praises of God.  He said, ‘Oh, that’s a lot of flesh!’”    (from 1:31)

Throughout this message, HRW relates the story of his release from inward bondages through determined praise.  See also recording 9B.  “I joined in the praises of God with all my heart, and God did something for me.  Beloved, that was worth more than a university education.  God took that rock out of me.  That thing went—that heaviness.”    (at 9:33)

The lack of praise likened to a clogged fuel line in an Auburn.  “You know what praise will do for you?  It’s the gas line that makes you get stuck.  Oh, let God blow that thing out and give you a fresh flow of power.”    (from 14:29)

German at 7:47:

“Schluss jetzt damit!” — “Stop that now!” or “Enough of that!”

German at 10:06:

Jetzt erst recht nicht. — Now less than ever!

Audio Quality: Good

More Information...

Project Notes:

Original tape marked (54) C/60.  For side A, we ran light hiss reduction, resampling to slow the recording to 104.5% of the original duration, DeHummer -30dB, 4 filter, 57.80Hz.  “I did what lots of people did… do…” changed to “I did what lots of people do…”

It was found that recording 41A is a duplicate of this recording, but with about 20 seconds of additional material at the start of the sermon, and 10 seconds at the end of the praise.  It also seemed less muffled and so this is the recording we now use for 28A.  For 41A, we ran light hiss reduction, DeHummer 8 filter, -30dB at 59.40Hz.; and compression.  All 6 tracks that are presented following the message were found on recording 41A.  At around 7:41, a small section of 28A was used to patch a bad pop. 

In the archives, a reel to reel tape was found that may be the source of this recording: RPCA0003.  This tape has not been processed.


Project Files:

The original media and project files are available upon request.

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