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34A. Christ, Our Indwelling Sanctifier (“I am glorified in them”)

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  speaker icon   1. He Was Wounded for Our Transgressions   (2:40)
  speaker icon   2. O Could I Speak the Matchless Worth   (2:38)
  speaker icon   3. Christ, Our Indwelling Sanctifier   (22:49)
  speaker icon   4. I Want to Be Like Jesus   (2:50)

Selected Verses:

John 17:10.  And all mine are thine, and thine are mine; and I am glorified in them.


I also feel like Sister Riccio expressed it: “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stay here forever?”  It feels kind of comfortable, doesn’t it?  But, oh, the wonder of sitting in His presence and experiencing the transforming power of the Holy Ghost!  I like this kind of a school because we have the best of Teachers.  Anybody that is willing to be a pupil and to learn will find out that the best of Teachers is here: it’s the Holy Ghost.  And we can tell by the recitations—that is, the testimonies—that people are really getting something out of this school.  They’re learning something—learning something from the best of Teachers.  And we have the best textbook: the Bible.  Oh, how very, very thankful we ought to be this morning for the Bible, because it’s a Testament—it’s a will, it’s a covenant that pledges God Almighty to be our God. 

And there is one word in that Testament that Jesus wrote that goes right into my heart.  He says, “Father, I am glorified in them.”  Oh, that’s the call, beside all that Jesus Christ does for us.

Selected Quotes:

speaker icon But, beloved, beside all the blessings, here’s the loving call of Jesus to our hearts: “I am glorified in them.”  Oh, that’s my call—not just to be saved from hell, go to heaven, not just to be healed or baptized with the Holy Ghost, but to be so united to Jesus Christ that He shall be glorified in me.  That’s what He says to the Father, that’s His divine will for all of us this morning.

speaker icon Tell me, are you on the way this morning to become like Jesus?  You can file and hammer and saw and solder and let the fire burn and go through the acid all you want, and you’ll never be more than an old good-for-nothing.  You can try and sanctify yourself, and you’ll never be more sanctified than you are right now.  You’ll never change yourself.  But, oh, when God changes me—when Jesus Christ changes me by coming to dwell within me—“I in them and Thou in Me”!

speaker iconThe word that proceedeth out of My mouth shall accomplish that whereunto I sent it.”  And when God sends the word and says to you and to me, “Be ye holy, as I am holy,” that word is powerful.  It requires absolute obedience on my part, doesn’t it?  He tells me what that holiness consists of: “Finally, brethren, in nothing be anxious.”

speaker icon “Oh, let Me reign.  Let the peace of God rule in your hearts.”  When I receive His word, I receive Him.  When I receive the command of the King, I put Him on the throne, thank God.

speaker icon Do you know that Jesus Christ has power to be glorified in you, to make you like unto Himself?  Then you’ll pay attention to His word and to His will.  And you’ll be no longer careless about it, but you’ll “work out your salvation with fear and trembling…” 

I thank God today for conviction.  A meeting in which there is not conviction is to me a lost meeting.  But do you know how wonderful it is?  Why, it means that the King is here.  That’s where conviction comes from.  It certainly doesn’t come from the preacher.  He has no right to tell you what to do, what kind of an Easter hat to wear, or what kind of clothes to wear, or “how to walk and to please God.”  But when the Holy Spirit comes in His word, He cuts you doesn’t He?  He uses His “two-edged sword.”  There’s conviction.

speaker icon What a wonderful Savior!  Tell me, do you know “the exceeding greatness of His power to you-ward”?  Is it operating?  Do you feel the current moving on the line?  That’s prayer in the Holy Ghost.  And when you pray, He prays in you.  “For we know not what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.”

speaker icon Jesus, You are changing me, hallelujah!  You never change, but, thank God, You’re changing me until I shall be like unto the Son of God.  Oh, that change must go on day by day.  But it can only be if I expose my heart to the scripture and to conviction, and if I submit to Jesus Christ.  Let me become rebellious—how many, many times have we seen that—and darkness comes.  Let me be careless with His commands, and His will when He reveals it to me, and after a while, I’m not convicted anymore.

speaker icon Oh, the Spirit of the Living God, who brooded over the waters and brought forth life—vegetation, and animals, and birds in the air, and after a while man, the crown of God’s creation—is today brooding over your heart and over your soul to bring forth the image of the Son of God, to create within you a “son of God without rebuke in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation.”


The lamp is nothing, the Light is everything.  “It will forever be nothing until the electricity is filling it.  But now, the light is inside of it, and now it’s become a light—it’s become a lamp.  And He says, ‘You are the light of the world.’”    (from 5:53)

Another illustration of a lamp.  “The outside was very nice–it was just like when we bought it—but the inside was no good and so we had no light.  And we could throw the thing away because it was absolutely no good.  You couldn’t use it for anything at all.  It was made for that purpose.  And, thank God, you and I are ‘His workmanship’…  You and I are made for Jesus.”    (from 8:09)

A story of a minister careless in a spiritual meeting.  “I tell you, beloved, it’s a serious thing to sit in the presence of God carelessly.  He says, ‘with fear and trembling,’ ‘with a heart that is circumcised.’”    (from 18:33)

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