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80B. You Have a Little Strength (False revival and true revival)

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  speaker icon   1. Peace, Perfect Peace, Love, Perfect Love   (2:46)
  speaker icon   2. You Have a Little Strength   (28:20)
  speaker icon   3. Dwell Deep in God   (3:53)
  speaker icon   4. I Have a Refuge Abiding and Sure   (3:08)

Selected Verses:

Revelation 3:8.  I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.


Strange that He who has “all power in heaven and in earth” is so little recognized.  That power!  “You have a little strength because you have allowed Me to exercise My power a little bit.”

We want power.  We like power.  We talk about Jesus manifesting His presence, but we forget that His presence is not manifested in the air around us, or in the room in which we are, but through our hearts, through our lives.  And as we heard a while ago, this epistle seems to have a particular application to us, because God started this work with this light.  God put a little power into this work.  It was His power.  People came to recognize that it was His power. 

I told you about an evangelist who was kicked out of his church not far from here.  They’d had a real revival.  That’s where I met Sister Amanda the first time.  She was dancing on the platform with a tambourine.  That was power!  And when they had three or four pianos—they played it, you’d think the piano would topple over, and bang!  And that was power!  And people clapped their hands and danced and shouted.  That was power!  They spoke in tongues every night; they prophesied.  Why, one of our brethren would go there instead of coming to us because there was nothing happening on Patchen Avenue, he said.  Down there, he could give four or five messages in tongues, and every one was interpreted, if not once, at least two or three times.  He used to come home with a red face.  “Boy, we had three revelations!” or “four revelations!”  That was power!

And on Patchen Avenue, everything was silent.  Why, it was inward.  People were changed on the inside.  And when Jesus Christ unsheathed His sword, our hair would stand on end; we’d get frightened; we’d get scared. 

People said, “Why, goodness, there’s no chance for anybody to get saved.”  But people were being changed.  Oh, the wonders that God wrought in those days!  And God is still keeping that light burning among us.  How?  By just the few people that have wanted Jesus Christ bad enough to surrender their bodies “a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God.”  And they were not satisfied with power.  They wanted Jesus.

Selected Quotes:

speaker icon It’s not going to happen by our theological seminaries, and it’s not going to happen by our own intellectual doings, and by our own fleshly ways, but it’s going to happen by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself displacing His own.

speaker icon Sometimes, it stirs us a little bit.  I saw that in the Faith Home in Zion.  I saw people stirred, and then they’d go and do exactly the opposite of what they were told.  But there were a few—I don’t know how many; I don’t think I know three that entered in upon the life—really and truly dug through the rock until they struck the Fountain of Living Water, until Christ was able to come and displace them.  And yet, God offered it to all that were there.  Read Radiant Glory.  A young minister in Switzerland told me that that book revolutionized his life.  Why, it points the way.  Read the autobiography of Madame Guyon.  They were invariably women and men that wanted Jesus Christ more than their “own lives also.”

speaker icon And all that were in Asia kicked him out.  They didn’t like that kind of preaching.  I’m surprised they haven’t kicked me out yet.  But they kicked him out; they didn’t want that.  They said, “His bodily presence is weak, and his speech is contemptible—always talking about coming down, always coming down, always talking about suffering with Christ, and being crucified with Christ.  Goodness!  We don’t have to hear that.” 

People have said that to me right here.  They go to Jack Coe; they come back here: “See, you don’t have to be such a carper, Mr. Waldvogel.  You don’t have to take it so, why no.  These people got healed!” 

An old scalawag came to me; he said, “I got healed!  I can prove it to you!”  He had had a growth in his nose, and that was taken away when he was prayed for.  And he still committed adultery and still beat his wife and went to hell that way!  Pentecostal people!  “They call themselves Jews and are not; they’re the synagogue of Satan.”  You’re either taught by the living God, and you enter into the truth of God, and the truth enters into your bones and your soul and spirit, or you’re taught by the spirit of the world and the spirit out of the bottomless pit.

The devil can transform himself into “an angel of light,” and doesn’t he do that?  Did you see that Hollywood performance in California of a Pentecostal evangelist whose wife dressed like a witch and flew over the audience on a broomstick?  Pentecost: “the synagogue of Satan”!  I’m wondering at the Lord: when I say something strong, people say, “Oh, he’s too harsh.”  And here the Lord says, “They’re liars!  They’re the synagogue of Satan!  They call themselves a theological seminary!  That’s what they are, and you have tried them and you know they’re liarsBut you’ve kept the word of My patienceYou’ve got a little strength.”

Where do you get it from?  Well, the Bible tells us: “I bow my knees…”

speaker icon And they didn’t come late like some of you come all the time.  Late!  You’re afraid to give God one minute.  Do that in your shop, and you’ll get fired, or you’ll get docked for a half an hour.  But they’d come an hour ahead of time.  Many times, I had to send them home after midnight.  What was it?  They had met Jesus.  Jesus Christ had met them.  He had baptized them.

speaker icon In that hubbub—what they call revival—they drove away the unction, the Spirit of God.  They think if there’s no noise, there’s no power.  Oh, beloved, there’s no substitute for Jesus—Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Himself.  There’s no substitute.  “Thou art my portion.”

speaker icon Go there in the morning to breakfast: they’ll teach you how to cast out demons, and how to get gifts, and how to speak in tongues, and how to prophesy, and all that sort of stuff.  Does that satisfy you?  Or is it Jesus Christ your soul craves?  If it’s Jesus, He says, “Come out from among them.  Come out—with a vengeance—and I will receive you.”  “And having these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.”

And now, things look discouraging, but listen: God is now sending a revival that is different from anything you’ve ever seen: it’s hidden.  Jesus Christ is knocking at the door of those that really want Him.  He says, “My head is filled with dew, my locks with the drops of the night.  They kicked Me out of every convention, out of every church.  They don’t want Me, they want My blessings; I do bless them all I can.  But here I am.”  And He says, “O My sister, My love, My dove, My undefiled.”  Who is that?  What a description! The Bridegroom of heaven has desired your beauty.  He stops after midnight, knocks at your door: “Come away, My sister.  It’s time.”


A minister who preached others’ sermons.  “He said, ‘I don’t have time to study.  Before going to meeting, I take Spurgeon and I read one of his sermons, and I can preach it in real unction.’”    (from 13:00)

Story of the start of the church.  “When I sent people to other churches and they came back after four or five meetings, they lost…the spirit of worship.  In that hubbub—what they call revival—they drove away the unction, the Spirit of God.”    (from 14:55)

Disunity at a Pentecostal convention.  “The Lord gave me a short, sharp talk about unity of the brethren, where everyone thinks higher of the other than of himself, where God pronounces His blessing.  And I heard them grunt behind me, I really did.  And after the meeting, one minister said, ‘Say, you certainly knocked the ornaments off their Christmas tree!’”    (from 23:22)

German at 19:29:

From Reinhard Johannes Sorge:

Das sei alle meine Tage
meine Sorge meine Frage,
ob der Herr in mir regiert,

Every day it shall be my issue, my concern: whether the Lord reigns within me


Radiant Glory, the biography of Martha Wing Robinson by Gordon P. Gardiner.

The Autobiography of Madam Guyon.  A scan of the unabridged autobiography in two large PDF files appears here: Volume 1, Volume 2.

Date: “We’ve had that for 41 years at least—that kind of teaching.”  That may place this recording around 1966.

Audio Quality: Fair

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