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100A. What Do Ye More Than Others? (Put on the provided wedding garment: Jesus in His meekness and lowliness.)

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  speaker icon   1. The Wise and Foolish Builders, Matthew 7:24-27   (2:21)
  speaker icon   2. What Do Ye More Than Others?   (40:23)
  speaker icon   3. Take Time to Be Holy   (2:06)

Selected Verses:

Matthew 5:47.  And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?

Ecclesiastes 10:1.  Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour.

Colossians 3:12-15.  Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering; 13Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye. 14And above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfectness. 15And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.


Father, we pray that You will accept our prayer.  We pray that Thy Spirit shall help our infirmity to pray through.  O God, O God, we’ve been deceived by our own deceitful, wicked hearts—we have.  O Jesus, but Thou knowest our hearts and searchest our spirits, and we pray that Thy two-edged sword shall be “a discerner of the thoughts and intents of our hearts.”  And, O God, we pray that the light of the presence and indwelling of Jesus Christ shall expose all the dark places within us, shall cleanse us as You cleansed Your disciples, shall purify our souls through the spirit unto “unfeigned love of the brethren.”  O God, God, we know that Thou dost not work aimlessly, but Thy aim and Thy purpose is to “present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.”  Now grant, my God, unto us the grace to cooperate with fear and trembling as You work in us “to will and to do of Thy good pleasure.”  Amen.

I had a session with Dr. Pullatootsky some time ago.  That’s the dentist.  And he said, “Open a little wider.”  I feel sorry for a dentist; he’s gotta look down your throat.  But he has a good many people from this assembly as customers, and he discussed one of them.  He said, “She’s such a nice lady, such a gracious lady.”  Now, I won’t tell you who he was talking about.  But then he said, “Really, all the people from your church are gracious people.”  I liked that.  I thought that was a nice testimony, but of course, he only sees them when they have their mouths open. 

But, you know, someone else that got acquainted with a lot of our people said, “All the people from Bro. Waldvogel’s assembly are dumpers.”  I didn’t like that.  That was a real saint that said that, and it was a saint that knows many of our people, and she says, “All the people from Bro. Waldvogel’s assembly are dumpers.”

Now, I’d like to ask this day, “What do ye more than others?”  Really, we can’t judge our Christian walk by the way we act in meeting, when we shout and praise the Lord and speak in tongues and have a good time.  But how do you treat your grocery man or your butcher or baker or candlestick maker?  Boy, some of these saints can be crabs!  I tell you, they can; they can bawl a butcher out if he doesn’t give them just the kind of meat that they wanted, and they can be very nasty with their neighbors, and sometimes not only the ladies but the male drivers, when they get into some pinch with some other driver.  My, I’ve seen preachers lose all their justification—not to talk about sanctification!  In a moment’s time, they were turned inside out!

Well, what do ye more than others?  Jesus would like to say, “What do ye more than others?”

Selected Quotes:

speaker icon Today, after 33 years of teaching, wouldn’t it be a good resolution to start doing the things that we have learned?  Wouldn’t it be a good thing instead of just talking about the fruit of the Spirit to see to it that we bear the fruit of the Spirit?

speaker icon Are there dead flies in your ointment?  Oh, that ointment of a devoted life—that wonderful ointment of a life lived in Christ, in union with the Son of God!  There shouldn’t be any dead flies there. There shouldn’t be any words that hurt, that defile, that offend.

speaker icon Do we eat our breakfast like “the elect of God, holy and beloved”?  Does it make a difference?  Beloved, we either invite Jesus Christ or we drive Him away; we either get filled with the Holy Ghost, or we grieve the Spirit of God.

speaker icon Should I have the devil in me because somebody else does?  No—can’t; can’t afford to.  “Ye live no more as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mindsYou’ve been delivered from the power of darkness.  You’ve been translated into the Kingdom of the Son of His love.”  Praise God! 

What do ye more than others?”  That’s the question.  Why, what you do, the harlots do, the publicans do: they all live for themselves.  Why am I crabbed?  Why do I make sarcastic remarks?  Why can’t I speak courteously and kindly?  Because I love myself to the point of fanaticism.  That’s what it is: it’s the mark of the beast; it’s the brand of hell.


speaker iconFor this cause also, we, since the day we heard it—we heard of your love in the Spirit—do not cease to pray for you.” Oh, Paul, stop it; why, these people are Christians; why they’re baptized in the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:4.  And they can still get mad, and they can still have their fights, and they can still have dumps.  No they can’t!  No.  Paul says, “I heard of your love in the spirit.  Now I cease not to pray for you.  I see that you’re elect of God, holy and beloved.  How do I know?  Because our Gospel came not unto you in word only, but when you heard it, you received it as it is in truth: the word of God, which also worketh effectually in you that believe.”

Has it worked effectually?  Has it taken those dead flies out of the ointment?  Oh, well, those things are unimportant: just a little fly, just a little fly.  What difference does it make?  But it makes the whole thing stink—the whole ointment: that worship of God “in spirit and in truth” rises as a stench into the nostrils of Jehovah.

speaker iconThey say, and they do not.”  Beloved, it’s time after 33 years of help and teaching that something happened to us and we got rid of the dead flies.  Really.

speaker icon We read yesterday about gifts of miracles, and people quickly think of miracles of casting out devils, and they’re full of the devil themselves…  Where does a dump come from?  Why, it’s the devil on the inside where Jesus ought to be—might as well name it what it is.  Oh, these miracles, these wonderful miracles wherewith Jesus prepares His bride for the wedding.  These are not miracles that are advertised in these papers and magazines…  But the angles of God know you, and the devils knows you, and they wonder why they can’t get near you.  They wonder why they can’t tempt you with lustful, conceited pride and criticism.  They can’t touch you anymore.  Instead of that, the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost have come to abide in you.  You’ve been “partaker of His divine nature.”  And what is that divine nature?  Well, here we have it: “bowels of mercies.”

speaker icon Did you ever think that that belongs to your outfit: kindness?  Kindness, kindness—not kind, you know, like the harlots and the publicans that are kind to those that are kind to them.  My, they can be kind!  And some saints can be kind too when you’re kind to them, and when you don’t cross their track, and don’t crawl over their livers, and don’t do anything to displease them.  But how they can snap; how they can hiss!  You see the rattlesnake.  You see that kitty: it came around with sweet, soft paws, you know, and a silk ribbon around his neck, and purring sweetly, but now the claws come out, and now he hisses. 

Kindness, kindness!  Beloved, we ought to pray over it.  Take your rosary, and with every bead, say, “‘Put on therefore, as the elect of God,’—let’s see now—‘holy and beloved, bowels of mercies,’—yes—‘kindness,’—kindness, kindness, kindness, kindness, kindness,” until it grips you. 

Am I kind?  “Love suffereth long and is kind.”  Kind—kind all the time.

speaker iconHumbleness of mind,” thinking others better than myself: does that appeal to you?  Do you think it would be nice instead of a dead fly in your ointment to be free from it?  Do you think it would be nice to have humbleness of mind?  Beloved, Jesus Christ says, “I am the Truth; I am the Life.”  Life is made for those that were “dead in trespasses and in sins”—for you and for me. Oh, let us take, out of His fullness, His life.  Everything else is not life.

speaker icon After 50, everybody has the face that he deserves.  In other words, he has worked for it.  Now, when we get our new body, we’re going to get the kind of a body we worked for, I suppose, logically.  What kind of a face will you have in heaven?  Well, you’ll have the kind of a face you deserve.  He says He’ll reward every man according as his works shall be.

speaker icon Look what he says: “And above all these things...”  What, is there any more than that?  Why, we haven’t even started putting on “bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering, forbearing one another.”  We don’t do any too well at that.  But after we’ve done all these things, He says, “Say ‘We’re unprofitable servants; we’ve only done what we were commanded to do.’”  He says, “Above all these things, put on love”—Oh!—“which is the bond of perfectness.”  Now, praise the Lord, what an outfit Jesus has for His bride!

No wonder all heaven rejoices and shouts, “Hallelujah!  Let us give glory to Him for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife hath made herself ready!”  Lots of people think they’re getting ready, but you know, in that day the King will come and He’ll find one not having on a wedding garment.  He has the estimation of himself; maybe he has a reputation among men, but “Where’s your wedding garment?”


Unbelievers who put professing Christians to shame.  “There were men there that were worldly men, and they were so kind and so courteous—so thoughtful of me, a poor kid.  They would help me all along the way, all they could.  They acted like I thought a Christian ought to act and didn’t!”    (from 5:41)

A godly wife, victorious through the meekness and lowliness of Jesus.  “Ellen got up sweetly.  She got up in God because she’d gone to bed in God…  These drunken fellows tried to get her goat, and there was no goat there; there was a Lamb… The exceeding greatness of His power to usward who believe makes us different.”    (from 14:18)

Another story of a Christlike unbeliever.  “She… never complains.  No wonder Jesus says ‘the publicans and the harlots will go into the kingdom before you.’”    (from 23:42)

Honesty in advertising.  “Some woman said, ‘I am 35, and fat, and ugly, and sometimes ill-tempered, but a good cook, and is there a gentleman who is willing to put up with me?’… But what does Jesus see in me?”    (from 28:17)

A tract about a woman who did not prepare for eternity. “‘We had to build with the material that you sent over.’ … You know that ‘whatsoever a man soweth…’ You sow dead flies every day.”    (from 34:20)

A dedicated Christian dumper sowing dead flies.  “It brought an ill odor upon the whole house, made everybody feel sort of depressed.  How different, how different it could be.  Beloved, we serve the living and the true God.”    (from 36:15)

German at 12:11:

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German at 15:55:

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German at 16:24:

Sauf brüder — “drinking buddies”

Date: “Today, after 33 years of teaching, wouldn’t it be a good resolution to start doing the things that we have learned?”  That may place this recording around 1958.

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