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Edwin H. Waldvogel
16. Slip Your Head into the Yoke (Take warning from the life of Gehazi, and get down before the Lord.)

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  speaker icon   1. Slip Your Head into the Yoke   (55:38)
  speaker icon   2. Fill All My Vision   (5:30)

Selected Quotes:

speaker icon …you know, it is so necessary for us to get down, to get down as we come closer to Jesus…

speaker icon A story of God’s marvelous humbling during the purchase of Pilgrim Camp.

speaker icon Oh, the most wonderful thing that you can do, brother and sister, is to learn to obey Jesus Christ and get down at His feet and let Him be Lord.  That’s worth a lot more to Him than we know.  And the world is full of people today and full of churches and full of folks that are wanting to be something and do something great for God, but have never learned to get down and obey the Lord.  And you know, they go astray, and it brings reproach upon the things of God and the work of Christ.

speaker icon …The German Bible says, “Lord, save me from these proud things”—these things that blow me up, that make me think I can get away with it because I’m Your child, and I got an “in” with You.  You know how many people think that today?  They can sin carelessly because they feel they have a special corner somewhere on the Lord? 

One sister told me, “I’ve served Him twenty years so faithfully.  Do you think He’s going to mind if I do this little sin?”

I said, “How can you talk like that?  How can you talk like that even?  If you’ve been serving Him and loving Him, that you would trifle with a little sin?”  But she thought because she had been so good…  And when [God] saves us, He delivers us from those ideas.  And that poor woman, she lost out entirely because of her little sin…  No, those are the things David says, “God, don’t let me do that.  Don’t let that happen to me.”  He says there, “Who can understand his errors?  Who can see his own mistakes?  O God, You search me.  Save and keep back your servant from presumptuous sinning.”

Date: April 26, 1985?

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