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Dr. Roy M. Gray
4. Healing in the Old Testament (with comments on faith and prayer)

  speaker icon   Healing in the Old Testament   (56:08)

Some extensive comments on prayer start at around 13:41.


The reading is from A.B. Simpsonís Principles of Divine Healing, Chapter IV: The Gospel of Healing.

Date: Probably May, 1959

Audio Quality: Poor

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Project Notes:

This material was recorded and provided by Jerry Eckhardt, a student of Dr. Grayís.† This lecture starts at the end of side two of tape Eckhardt001, and continues on side 1 of Eckhardt006, both now stored with the archives of the Ridgewood Pentecostal Church.† The final editing was done using an intermediate created in Adobe Audition CS6, using light hiss reduction and the DeHummer.

Project Files:

The original media and project files are available upon request.

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